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AymericDate: Thursday, 2011-09-01, 2:28 PM | Message # 1
Group: *PIMP*Member
Messages: 11
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
Country: France
In-game name:Disteal*

Any old names:*PIMP*Disteal and *PIMP*Chaud Lapin


Sex: Male

Where are you from:France


How long have you been playing et wolf:i don't know

Have you been in a clan before:Yes

If yes, then which:*PIMP*

When and why you left them:i don't left i just don't play 20 day

Have you loaded both 2.5 and 2.6b ET patch:just 2.5

Did you updated PUNKBUSTER?(if not please do it):yes i update

Can you play at least 5 hours a week on our servers:yes

XP on our server:38000

Can you give us your picture for the *PIMP* photobook:yes

Can you visit our forums and post sometimes:yes

Have you read our server and member rules:yes

Do you see anything that you cannot follow on them:no

If yes, explain further please:

Will you be available for trainings/scrims (download et2.6b for this!!):okey

Reason to join PIMP:

Can you DONATE us:no sorry

If yes, then how much:

What is your XFire (IMPORTANT: if u donthave, please MAKE one and post it here!!):chaud0lapin

After 20days inactive with no reason you get kicked, do you understand?:yes but i was in holidays

*PIMP*Chaud Lapin is die!!!!

<=TM=>Disteal* *PIMP* is born!!!!

Message edited by Aymeric - Friday, 2011-09-02, 10:36 AM
XsharkDate: Thursday, 2011-09-01, 7:24 PM | Message # 2
Group: *PIMP*Member
Messages: 46
Reputation: 11
Status: Offline
Gender: Female
Country: Portugal

spyDate: Thursday, 2011-09-01, 11:03 PM | Message # 3
.: Clan Owner :.
Group: *PIMP*Leader
Messages: 981
Reputation: 33
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Hey, welcome back !!
BladeWarrioRDate: Friday, 2011-09-02, 1:21 PM | Message # 4
.: Biggest Wanker Ever :.
Group: *PIMP*Co-Leader
Messages: 700
Reputation: 14
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom

dont think we need to wait for votes .. we need more active members ..

accepted as member .. please be more active this time or let us know of any inactivity


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