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These rules are here to keep *PimP*Clan safe and strong so take them seriously, if not  consequences are yours!


1. Most important is to observe our rules. If a member doesn’t observe server rules he may lose levels or get kicked from Clan.


2. When someone asks for admin level you should introduce him not to ask more and to apply on site for joining *PIMP*Clan (IF he isn’t already a member)


3. If you abuse your powers (use your admin commands for NO reason) you will lose admin level or you will be kicked from Clan.


4. You must be on trainings every time admins say so. If you cant come on a training for any reason you should ALWAYS tell it to admins or post on site.


5. Always be friendly against other players! If someone talks you in a bad way don’t answer, warn and call an admin if you are not a high-leveled member


6. You must play on our server 5 hours a week as you said you could on your joining application


7. If you are going to be inactive for a bit please make sure you post on site or warn an admin before leaving


8. If you have !setlevel command you must always ask the Leader or Co-Leader before giving levels to others.

9. If you change your name in any way post it in the "Rename Thread" on our forum

10. If you are 20 Days, without any Inactive Post, inactive you will be kicked

11. Visit our Forum as much as you can



Thanks for reading..!


These rules are written by *PIMP*Admin Staff ©

Category: Rules | Added by: YourFather (2009-06-30)
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6 Julian  
i read but are booooring dry

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5 -Cl1xz  

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4 Scout  

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3 bleaktankin  
im sexy but cool smile

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2 bleaktankin  
lol i play like 6 hours a day =D

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1 heaven  
Not bad but no 1 reads these + it changed to 5 hours a week tongue

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