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Main » 2009 » November » 11 » New Skins added
3:21 PM
New Skins added
As 72% of the vote, votes for new skins, I made some skins over the internet.
Those skins are unique PIMP skins, and for PIMP server usage only!
  • Thompson and MP40 have the *PIMP* clan tag writen on the guns.
  • New, more realistic weapons -> Thompson, MP40, M1 Garand, Sten and Mortar shell.
  • Both axis as allied medics are female(and sexy, steal there uniform if you dare :P).
  • All the classes and teams have new helmets.
  • Soldier helmet with a cigaret pack on the helmet, and a cigaret in his mouth.
  • Allied and Axis Field ops, have both an officercap, and allied F-ops is in a very professional outfit.
  • Allied engineer looks like a hunter, with a whip on his back, and an Indiana Jones helmet, and face look.
  • Allied Covert ops with an camouflage face, and a green Cap.
  • Axis Soldier has a Gasmask with cobinet helm, but one eye glass broken, perhaps his last panzer shot was too close ?
  • Axis Medic with an XL helmet for the female hair. And she's full of equipement around her body(Needles, nades, health packets, etc). And high heels.
  • Axis Field ops, looks quite the same, but he has a high officercap.
  • Axis Engineer has a very professional outfit, and a helmet with a combinet gasmask, attachted in the helmet. And also sunglasses, wich are only viewable if you lost your helmet.
  • Axis Covert ops, has a sweet backpack, a very small gasmask, and the default cap. His face is totaly camouflaged in black.
  • Also alot of faces have been changed with other faces. Like the allied field ops aint black, but white.
  • The dead bodies, with stolen uniforum by Covert ops, have all been upgraded.
  • Allied naked body has been given some muscles.
  • Allied naked medic body is TOTALY naked, and unshaved.
  • Axis naked medic is also totaly naked, but shaved.
These are the changed skins, I hope you like them.
Kind regards,
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lol i dotn see all off that =O

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