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legademaDate: Saturday, 2011-09-10, 9:09 PM | Message # 1
Major general
Group: Friends
Messages: 454
Reputation: 20
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
Hi guys sad but true
i leave

Loved the chance i got for getting into pimp several years ago,
many things happened after that good and bad...
but hey all good things come to an end and today is the day

want to thank many people but most of them arent even in clan anymore so i just go through the few that are still in
so a few words for the players still in:

@ *PIMP*D4rkiE : U were a nice player and i bet u will get a High rate for sure

@ *PIMP*||spy|| : Most lazy leader ever :P (the truth hurts sorry spy XD)

@ *PIMP*CaN-LuCa* : anoying backrapes that's for sure

@ *PIMP*Shark_PT : Get out of the water!!!! its a SHARK (sounded better in my head :<)

@ *PIMP*negat1ve : :> what to say .... Affermative!!!

@ *PIMP*BlAdE : One of the best Co-leaders ever!!! and so pretty :$ *drewl*

@ *PIMP*brammen__ : Lol Haije wah gekke belg :P

@ *PIMP*Apo$tol : Congratulations u just won the award of most inactive member ever !!!! xd

@ *PIMP*Ande' : U were in ?:O lol hi ande :> (joke)

@ *PIMP*Esther*xx : Really friendly/amazing girl in my opinion,2 bad ur pc is broken because of that we cant play for a while now.

@ *PIMP*M0NST3R : Wish u wouldnt be offline when i was online we could have played more together

@ *PIMP*frasji : still not able to pwn him at etpro bitch that u are !!!! though i still hope we can do some scrims together now and then.(i hope u ask xD)

@ *PIMP*Per0 : 2 bad we couldnt play much since u just joined and imo pimp just died

And that we joined TM is not the only reason i left *PIMP* also that many members i liked left pimp
also when i was online nobody was online and when i was offline they were online (duhhh) :<

Well anyway gtg see ya all i hope spy can do the site from now on ...
bye bye

greetz Lega,,,

XsharkDate: Saturday, 2011-09-10, 10:08 PM | Message # 2
Group: *PIMP*Member
Messages: 46
Reputation: 11
Status: Offline
Gender: Female
Country: Portugal
sad when u want came see us
bye men

D4rkiEDate: Sunday, 2011-09-11, 2:57 PM | Message # 3
Group: Friends
Messages: 11
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Cya mate goodluck in the future tongue

ScoutDate: Monday, 2011-09-12, 9:45 PM | Message # 4
..: Trusted Friend :..
Group: Friends
Messages: 1097
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
Legaaa ♥



I Clear The Way

svenneDate: Tuesday, 2011-10-11, 1:00 PM | Message # 5
Site Development
Group: Friends
Messages: 396
Reputation: 8
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
u noob u always forget me wtf tongue
& kippewit is QQing aswell xD
zaerDate: Friday, 2011-10-14, 9:57 PM | Message # 6
Wants N1pl his babies!!!
Group: Friends
Messages: 193
Reputation: 19
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom

bleaktankinDate: Friday, 2011-10-21, 1:56 PM | Message # 7
Major general
Group: *PIMP*Member
Messages: 420
Reputation: 8
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
Country: Belgium
i remember you lega ! for old time sake i came out and play. but i dont have any computer exept this one but its from me mama tongue

*PIMP*Legolas <('-.-')>
rudboyDate: Tuesday, 2011-11-08, 11:14 PM | Message # 8
Group: Friends
Messages: 23
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
Gender: Male
I dunno if anybody will read this, but i just came to say I love ya Lega ! I hope i could come back one day on this freaky game and pown your ass with my sten <3
(and hello to PIMPies who remember me !)
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